Corporate Body and Health offers massage and myotherapy. Myotherapy is for those people with sore muscles that need more specific deep tissue work than just remedial massage. Our resident myotherapist, Raelene Clark B.Sc. is an expert in myofascial pain and is able to treat all muscular injuries, including headaches. neck pain, TMJ Dysfunction, mid back pain, lower back pain, hamstring tightness, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, shin splints, whiplash…. Treatment is usually covered by your private health fund.

Therapeutic Massage assists the body heal from injury , eases pain and discomfort, stimulates and improves circulation , lymphatic drainage and assist in the reduction of stress.

Massage is a holistic non-invasive approach to improving a state of wellbeing. It is effective complement in health plans and fitness regimes.

Benefits include reduced stress , tightness, ease of pain, increase joint mobility.

Remedial massage addresses muscular dysfunction and assists in the rehabilitation of soft tissue injury such as neck tightness, shoulder pain and lower back pain.